Olympic Gold A Great Boost For Red Meat

31/08/2004 12:00:00 AM
OLYMPIC Gold is not easy to win, though rowers Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell and track cyclist Sarah Ulmer made it look easy at the recent Olympic Games in Athens.All New Zealand is proud of their achievements, but farmers can can feel even more pride knowing their meat has gone into the making of these champions.

At a time when drug taking has tainted the world’s largest sporting event, the Evers Swindells and Ulmer rely on nothing but good honest hard work and feeding themselves nutrition that only New Zealand beef can give.

Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau general manager Rod Slater says 28-year-old Ulmer is a great advocate of red meat.

“We have been targetting professional sports people, usually women, to be sports ambassadors for the past 7-8 years,” he says.

“We have been associated with Sarah for five years now, so we have ridden with her through the highs and the lows of her career, and now the incredible high she is on now.”

Mr Slater says she is an ideal role model for promoting a healthy diet, that includes lean red meat.

“Sarah recently mentioned in a fitness magazine article that she relies on red meat for the energy side and for the iron,” Mr Slater adds.

Ulmer stunned the cycling world on August 22 by smashing the world record in the qualifying round of the 3000m individual pursuit by more than 3sec, and then eclipsing that mark in the final to lower the mark to 3min 24.537sec.

Quite an achievement considering she set a world record at the World Championships in May with a time of 3:30.604sec.

The monumental rise of the 23-year-old Evers-Swindell twins reached a crescendo on August 21, when they won gold in the double sculls.

Mr Slater says the Evers-Swindell twins have been ambassadors for six months.

“Women, particularly athletes, tend to have iron deficiencies.

“Positive spin-offs for having high-profile athletes as ambassadors is when they talk about their nutrition with the media they genuinely emphasise the role red meat plays in their diet.

“And, in the off chance they happen to win a gold medal then that’s great for us — it just so happens that two of them happened to win gold medals within 24 hours.”

Each of the sports people chosen to be sports ambassadors with the bureau must be consumers of red meat products.


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