2010 – A Skeptical Odyssey

It’s 2010 already and it’s time for a change of approach. I usually write long essays about the topics I cover in my posts because, well, because I think too much. I do like to cover issues thoroughly, covering every point I can though a month can go by before a new post is complete. This is not entirely suited to the blog medium so in the spirit of good science, it’s time to test a different hypothesis (if I write shorter entries people may read them!)

So, without being too simplistic, I will be writing shorter posts. I may need a couple of entries to get the full story across but hey, writing about skeptical topics requires a lot of thought and research (some more than others). Also, my skeptical eye is constantly debating which of the thousands of beliefs, myths and oddities to focus on next.

Thankfully (or unfortunately) my local/national newspaper – The New Zealand Herald – is continually offering up stories that need a skeptical eye to tease out the nonsense, speculation and codswallop (is that how you spell it?) I loathe to touch on God arguments in my blog because it can be tedious and for the most part it’s been done for centuries (Scottish philosopher David Hume had perhaps the most complete and convincing arguments against God and the supernatural). Arguments for and against God featured heavily around Christmas in the Herald so may be I will go there. Of course, no debates about religion and God are complete without misconceptions, misrepresentations and ignorance by some about what atheism is and isn’t. So may be I’ll go there too soon (thanks to the Herald staff for printing most of my letters to the editor).

There is plenty more to go into but as you know I’m pulling the plug on waffling. I’ll save the many topics I have floating around in my head and reveal them after a slightly shorter gestation period than the usual month that has become standard practice. Ciao, Na Shledanou and všechno nejlepší do nového desetiletí.


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