Coalition Can’t Compete in Scientific Arena

… So they have to go to court.

The oxymoronic “Climate Science Coalition” can’t actually muster a reputable scientific challenge in the climate science arena so, they have to go to court. The coalition is challenging National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) to release the “real” New Zealand temperature data. The direct claim is that NIWA has somehow and for some reason as yet unknown, falsified the data to make it “look” like there was a warming trend.

It could be a useful PR exercise for an organisation that has fossilised as real science has moved on. It is a complete farce that will probably backfire on them, but then, when the arguments, data and logic aren’t in your favour, what else can you do?

Professor Martin Manning, Director, Climate Change Research Institute, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington sums it up quite succinctly:

If there was any reputable evidence that temperatures in New Zealand were not consistent with the long term global warming trend, that would be an important issue for scientists to understand. It would open up new areas for research and could have great potential value for New Zealand. But there is no such evidence and to suggest that scientists in NIWA would misrepresent this is completely illogical.

No surprise that the people qualified to comment on this challenge are rubbishing the position of the coalition. The challenge to NIWA is really just all smoke and no fire and it will fizzle out. When the embers of this failed attempt at legitimacy are strewn across the ground, will the Climate Science Coalition refrain from their attempt to hijack a well-informed debate about the real climate issues? On this, I’m skeptical.


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